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Image by Olga Guryanova


Welcome to the Global Young Crew Workshop 2024 at DHL Stadium, Cape Town!

We are thrilled to host this year’s Young Crew Workshop at the iconic DHL Stadium in Cape Town, a venue synonymous with teamwork, resilience, and excellence. Much like the thrilling sport of rugby, our workshop is designed to challenge, inspire, and drive participants to achieve their best.


The choice of DHL Stadium is more than a nod to its world-class facilities and stunning location; it embodies the spirit of collaboration and dynamic performance that underpins both rugby and project management. Just as rugby teams strategize, tackle challenges, and push boundaries on the field, we invite you to engage in this immersive experience with the same vigor and determination.


Join us in this extraordinary venue where you will be part of a team of passionate individuals, ready to tackle project management challenges, learn from top experts, and grow through active participation. Embrace the energy of the stadium, where every session and workshop will push you to new heights, just as athletes push themselves in every game.


Let’s bring the spirit of hope and excellence to DHL Stadium and make this an unforgettable event, filled with learning, networking, and unforgettable memories.


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