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“He who has health, has hope;
and he who has hope has everything.”


Join us on this remarkable journey as a Partner


If your organisation shares our passion for excellence, innovation, and the pursuit of a brighter future, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities with the IPMA World Congress 2024. Together, we can amplify our impact, inspire hope, and elevate the field of project management to new heights.

Explore diverse partnership packages

We understand that every organisation is unique with its own value system, with distinct goals, priorities, and resources. That is why we offer a range of partnership packages tailored to suit your specific needs and objectives.


Partnerships in a nutshell

  • We have four official partnership levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze)


  • It is important to understand that all partner packages containing tangible financial matters are at least more than 50% upfront compared to the investment (for example, event tickets for customers and own staff, a ready-made partner booth).

  • The prices of the partnerships are between R500,000 and R75,000 (approx. EUR 25,000 and EUR 3,700)​




Customised Visibility and Brand Awareness

Our partnership packages are designed to provide varying levels of visibility and brand exposure. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement on the global stage or prefer a more targeted approach, we have a package that aligns perfectly with your marketing strategy.


Ticket Allocations to Suit Your Goals

Each partnership package comes with a designated number of tickets, allowing you to extend the Congress experience to your team and clients. Choose a package that meets your attendance requirements, ensuring that your key stakeholders have the opportunity to participate.


Exhibit Space to Showcase Your Expertise

For organisations looking to engage with attendees through exhibits, we offer different booth sizes to accommodate your needs. Showcase your products, services, and innovations in a space that reflects your vision and objectives.


Shape the Program with Your Expertise

Some partnership packages go a step further, granting you the unique opportunity to propose and bring speakers to the Congress program. Share your organisation's expertise and thought leadership with a global audience, leaving a lasting impact.


Tailor Your Partnership for Success

Whether you're aiming for maximum visibility, networking opportunities, or thought leadership, our partnership packages can be tailored to your goals. We will work closely with each partner to ensure a customised experience that aligns with your mission and values.


Join Us on a Journey of Impact

No matter which partnership package you choose, you will be joining a global community dedicated to shaping the future of project management. Together, we inspire hope, drive positive change, and create a legacy that resonates across industries and generations.


Get Started Today

Contact us to discuss your options and embark on this remarkable journey with us.

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