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Cape Town's Big Six Attractions and more

Cape Town is a city with unrivalled culture and diversity, boasting a mix of old and new. Nothing speaks to this more than the iconic Big Six attractions. They represent the beautiful nature, rich history, diverse culture, and incredible cuisine and wine that make Cape Town a top destination for travellers the world over.

Table mountain

Table Mountain is a World Heritage Site, and it’s easy to see why. The unique flora and fauna found on the mountain are like nothing else in the world, and there are numerous hiking trails to explore.

The views from the top of Table Mountain are simply unbeatable. You can see for miles in every direction, and on a clear day you can even see all the way to Robben Island. The cable car ride up to the summit is an experience in itself. The state-of-the-art carriages take you up the mountain in style, and the views out over the city are breathtaking.

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