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Welcome to the Programme of the Global Young Crew Workshop 2024!

Prepare to be inspired and motivated as we dive into an extraordinary journey of learning, growth, and connection. Our dynamic programme is meticulously designed to embody the spirit of Hope and its subthemes: People, Purpose, and Performance.


The programme features 2-3 captivating keynotes from leading voices in project management and leadership, providing valuable insights and forward-thinking perspectives. Engage in active outdoor workshop challenges that will test and hone your skills in real-world scenarios, blending adventure with learning.


Participate in enriching indoor workshops and interactive sessions, where you will collaborate, innovate, and develop new strategies. Additionally, benefit from a series of professional presentations from esteemed experts, sharing their cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.


Join us in this transformative experience where every session is crafted to inspire hope, foster growth, and drive excellence in project management. Get ready to be challenged, engaged, and empowered as we collectively shape the future. Welcome to a programme designed not just to educate, but to ignite your passion and potential!








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