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Welcome Construction Industry Institute: Our Bronze Partner for IPMA World Congress 2024

IPMA World Congress 2024. IPMA South Africa. Construction Industry Institute

We are pleased to announce the Construction Industry Institute (CII) as a Bronze Partner for the IPMA World Congress 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa. As the premier research and development platform for the capital projects industry, CII brings together global project industry leaders to drive innovative tools and solutions through an academically based, disciplined approach.

Leading Research and Development in Capital Projects

Based at The University of Texas at Austin, CII has been at the forefront of advancing the capital projects industry for over four decades. The impressive consortium, comprising more than 120 leading owner companies, engineering-contractor firms, and service providers from both the public and private sectors, collaborates through CII to enhance safety, technology, cost, and schedule predictability across their project portfolios.

Global Collaboration for Innovation

The CII-Africa Chapter, based at The University of Pretoria’s Graduate School of Technology Management, serves the broader African community. This regional presence ensures that the innovative tools and solutions developed by CII are accessible and applicable to the unique challenges faced by the capital projects industry in Africa.

Improving Project Outcomes

Through its collaborative efforts, CII has significantly contributed to improving project outcomes for its members. By focusing on research-driven innovation and best practices, CII helps organisations achieve better safety records, technological advancements, and more predictable costs and schedules. This commitment to excellence ensures that CII members are well-equipped to tackle the complex demands of the modern project environment.

A Legacy of Excellence

For more than forty years, CII has been a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the capital projects industry. The organisation's dedication to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing has set a high standard for industry practices worldwide.

As we prepare for the IPMA World Congress 2024, we are honoured to have the Construction Industry Institute as a partner. Their commitment to research, development, and industry improvement aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire hope and drive positive change in the field of project management.

Join us in welcoming the Construction Industry Institute to the IPMA World Congress 2024.

Learn more about their pioneering work:

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