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Second Speaker Announcement for the 33rd IPMA World Congress 2024!

We are delighted to introduce the next wave of distinguished speakers for the 33rd IPMA World Congress 2024 in Cape Town. Continuing with our theme of Hope, People, Purpose, and Performance, these experts will bring invaluable insights to our discussions on advancing project management.

Our second group of speakers includes:

IPMA World Congress 2024

Peter Coesmans, Chief Agility Officer / Director, Agile Business Consortium, The Netherlands, will delve into

"Business Agility = People, Purpose, Performance, to deliver value," 

exploring how agility in business practices can drive value through a focus on people and purpose.

IPMA World Congress 2024

Milla Ranta, CEO and Founder of Millainen Consulting Ltd., Finland, will present

"The ROI of Emotional Intelligence: Investing in People for Sustainable Success," 

highlighting the critical role of emotional intelligence in achieving long-term success and the substantial return on investment it offers.

IPMA World Congress 2024

Myles Hopkins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BeYond Agile, South Africa, will discuss

"The Only Thing That Matters Is Value Delivery," 

emphasizing the paramount importance of delivering value in all aspects of project management and business operations.

IPMA World Congress 2024

Kelly De Jesus, MPhil Human Resource Management Graduate, University of Pretoria, South Africa, will cover

"Mental health = success. What is leaders' role in addressing mental health in the workplace and how?" 

addressing the crucial role leaders play in promoting mental health and its direct impact on success in the workplace.

IPMA World Congress 2024

Grant Kelly, Executive Head, Nedbank, South Africa, will share insights on

"Responding to the transformational challenge facing the banking sector: Nedbank case study," 

providing a comprehensive look at how Nedbank is navigating and responding to significant industry transformations.

These speakers bring diverse perspectives and expertise that will enrich our Congress, making it an essential event for anyone dedicated to excelling in project management and beyond.

Join us as we delve deeper into how hope, people, purpose, and performance can drive excellence in project management. Stay tuned for further updates and secure your spot today!

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