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Congress theme is Hope

Unlocking the Power of Hope: Our Vision for the IPMA World Congress

At the heart of every great endeavour lies a powerful force – hope. It's the unwavering belief that better days are ahead, that challenges can be overcome, and that together, we can create a brighter future. That's why, for this IPMA World Congress, we've chosen "Hope" as our main theme, and we're diving deep into its three vital facets: People, Purpose, and Performance.

Experience the 33rd IPMA World Congress, a premier project management event. Join global leaders and enthusiasts in shaping the future of project management. Discover insights, innovations, and a shared vision of hope. Unite with industry experts at this transformative event. Welcome all to the city of Hope, Cape Town.

Why Hope?

Hope is the spark that ignites innovation, fuels resilience, and propels us toward our goals. It's the driving force behind every project's success. By centring our Congress on hope, we acknowledge the profound impact it has on the world of project management.

The Importance of Hope

In project management, hope isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a game-changer. It inspires teams to persevere when faced with challenges, it fuels creativity in problem-solving, and it keeps the vision of success alive. In a world filled with uncertainties, hope is the compass guiding us through uncharted waters.

Supporting Our Participants

Our commitment to the theme of hope is grounded in the belief that it can empower project professionals in profound ways. Through inspiring discussions, practical insights, and real-world success stories, we aim to equip our participants with the tools they need to infuse hope into every project they lead.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey at the IPMA World Congress. Together, we'll explore the role of hope in project management, uncover innovative strategies, and connect with a global community of like-minded professionals. By embracing hope, we're not only shaping the future of our projects; we're shaping the future of our world.

Get ready to be inspired, informed, and invigorated. Join us as we unlock the power of hope at the IPMA World Congress!

We look forward to sharing the power of hope with our participants at the Congress!

Hope, Congress Team


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