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Meet the hosts

Experience the 33rd IPMA World Congress, a premier project management event. Join global leaders and enthusiasts in shaping the future of project management. Discover insights, innovations, and a shared vision of hope. Unite with industry experts at this transformative event. Welcome all to the city of Hope, Cape Town.

The Mission of IPMA-SA is to promote professional project management and move people forward. Professional project management means a deep understanding of project and general management tools, techniques and what is considered as “best practices”. It requires a fundamental understanding of business and wealth creation processes.

It requires a suite of Values and Guiding principles that will permit the project manager to do what is right rather than just expedient decision-making. Respect for the values and cultures, health and safety, and the environment of the interested parties is paramount.

IPMA-SA is a not-for-profit company with the purpose of enhancing project management capabilities in South Africa and on the African Continent.


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