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Welcome Green Project Management: Our Gold Partner for IPMA World Congress 2024

IPMA World Congress 2024. IPMA South Africa. Project Management (GPM)

We are delighted to announce Green Project Management (GPM) as a Gold Partner for the IPMA World Congress 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa. For 15 years, GPM has been at the forefront of integrating sustainability into the project management profession, revolutionising the field by embedding sustainability at its core.

Pioneering Sustainability in Project Management

GPM’s mission is to educate and empower professionals worldwide to integrate social, environmental, and economic considerations into their projects through their pioneering P5 Standard. This standard ensures that sustainability becomes a fundamental component of project, programme, and portfolio management. GPM leads by example, setting stringent policies that reflect their unwavering commitment to a sustainable future.

Promoting Principled and Value-Based Methods

By promoting principled and value-based methods, GPM ensures that sustainability is not just an afterthought but a key driving force behind every project. Their comprehensive training and certification programmes are designed to address the root causes of sustainability challenges, driving regenerative development projects across the globe.

Empowering Professionals for a Sustainable Future

GPM’s mission extends beyond influencing industries; they aim to inspire a global movement towards responsible project management. By empowering professionals to tackle the critical issues facing humanity, GPM is creating a more robust and resource-conscious world. Their efforts ensure that sustainability is woven into the fabric of every project, making a tangible impact on our planet and future generations.

Join Us on a Journey Towards Sustainability

As we embark on this journey of exploration and innovation at the IPMA World Congress 2024, we are honoured to have Green Project Management as a partner. Their dedication to sustainability and excellence in project management aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire hope and drive positive change in the industry.

Join us in welcoming Green Project Management to the IPMA World Congress 2024 and be part of the movement to make sustainability the standard in every project.

Learn more about their groundbreaking work:

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